Top 10 Coolest Dragons of All Time


10. Fin Fang Foom


A cartoon created Dragon, Fin Fang Foom is one of the coolest, and arguably strongest dragons ever created. A combination of alien and dragon, Fin Fang Foom is a gigantic four-legged dragon that can fly and has battled some of the strongest, most popular superheroes.

From the Fantastic for to Ironman, Fin Fang Foom the green atomic dragon has raised hell, destruction, and defeated some of the top comic-heroes of all time. Relying on magic, Fin Fang Foom is powerful thanks to the herbs used to recharge his energy, and his blasts of fire are sure to wage war and succeed against nearly any opponent!

9. Sapphiron the Ultimate Dragon Warrior (World of Warcraft)


World of Warcraft for over a decade has been one of the world’s most popular MMORPGS’s thanks to it’s intense, computer-generated 3-D graphics, intense combat game-play, and adventure-based world. World of Warcraft has endless battles and allows users to meet and chat from all over the world, so it’s no wonder that it hosts some of the world’s most creative, dangerous, and powerful dragons ever.

Sapphiron is a World of Warcraft created, extremely powerful blue dragon that uses the spirits of dead dragons to generate power and strength that will knock away any one great knight or challenger without the definite help of a clan operation and group-effort.

Sapphiron is especially popular thanks to it’s zombie-based story and we can’t think of a more scarier dragon than one that’s undead, has frost nature and power, poses new challenges to players, and requires only the utmost courage and creativity to even attempt to defeat!

8. Dragonheart’s “Draco” the Dragon


A classic movie, Dragonheart is an old-school movie released in the late 1990’s and was one of the first computer-generated 3-D dragon warrior beasts of the entertainment and gaming world.

Draco is especially popular among fans thanks to his added voice-over personality played by Sean Connery in the movie. Draco has always faced enemies of villages trying to defeat him, and any knight ever brave enough to step up and take charge of Draco and bring him into battle! This Drago is a super-huge beast with an intimidating reputation for battle!

Draco is by far a legend, and any serious dragon enthusiasts will know his name at the drop of a coin. He undoubtedly set the stage for future dragon beasts to come, and contributed to many popular themes and styles of dragons in many popular Hollywood films and stories that followed into the 2000’s.

7. Temeraire the Dragon: Temeraire Series


Based on popular author Naomi Novik, Temeraire the dragon is one of the baddest, most powerful, and amusing personalities ever known to books, comics, and even television-memes.

This dragon is super intelligent, and can take out armies, naval ships, colonies, villages, and easily plunder cities with only a few large breaths of his wind-filled special move. Although not fire, this comparable holds superiority to many fire super dragons – and is a sight to see!

Temeraire is multilingual, with a tempered black glossy appearance. Temeraire is known for his strict diet and hobby of eating Chinese food only. This dragon is of undoubted royalty, and even has fought for dragon-rights in the multi-series books.

6. Falcor (The Never Ending Story)


Who hasn’t seen the all-time, classic, adventure and family-movie The Never Ending Story?

A boy named Atreyu in the books and more popular movie series battles his way through a fantasy world challenging new beasts, moral decisions, hunting, and survival and at times struggles doing it on his own. As the story progresses Atreyu links up with a ‘good luck’ dragon named Falcor and they become best friends and complete their adventures together.

From his super-size, sweet personality, and ability to fly fast, far, and quickly to avoid enemy-fire and obstacles Atreyu and Falcor quickly become best-friends, and Atreyu is saved by Falcor in more than one instance.

Although sometimes sleepy or lazy, Falcor when pushed or seeing Atreyu distress makes great efforts to protect and please his new found best friend and adventure partner.

5. Smaug the Big “Bad” Red Dragon (Lord of the Rings)


For anyone interested in The Lord of The Rings stories, books, and movie series learning the story of The Hobbit is quintessential to understanding its history. Additionally, it helps fans understand purpose of The Lord of The Rings adventurers, fighters, battles, and challenges along with the monsters, or in this case dragons (such as “Smaug) that are encountered, join in the fight, or are fought against along the way.

Although far from the most powerful or dangerous dragon, fans and readers alike of The Hobbit absolutely adore Smaug, his energy, strength, and efforts to remain as real a contribution to The Lord of The Rings as most other major characters.

Thanks to Tolkien fairy tales like that of Smaug, readers and new fans alike can enjoy a brisk dive into bringing fantasy into reality, telling the history of the dragon, The Hobbit story, and taking readers on the adventure of their life with this powerful, sophisticated, and unique red dragon.

4. Puff the “Magic” Dragon


Although by no means the toughest, dangerous, or most powerful dragon per say, Puff the “Magic” Dragon was one of the most popular, late 1970’s dragon cartoon characters that brought joy, smiles, and adventures to children of all ages.

Originating from a song created by Paul, Peter, and Mary, Puff the “Magic” Dragon has several myths and mysteries to-date that revolve about rumors of Puff perhaps doing too much “puffing” and ill-witted claims that it wasn’t appropriate for kids.

However, the original band and creators of Puff the Magic Dragon have stated and stand behind their original responses to the public that the Puff the Magic Dragon was solely created to promote imagination, creativity, laughs, and moral lessons along with his friend, a little boy named Jackie Pepper.

An all-time classic, many people still watch and can find old Puff the Magic Dragon episodes on Youtube, and old VHS tapes of the series on places like Ebay. If sweetness and lessons to children represented the greatest strength of dragons, then Puff is definitely at the top of our list.

3. The 5 Dragons of Lodoss


Any fans of popular anime and animated Japanese cartoon fantasy and adventure series are sure to know the 5 Dragons of Lodoss. Thanks to the creation and popularity of the 5 Dragons of Lodoss multiple anime series, manga books, and games were devoted to furthering their stories and adventures for fans around the world!

These dragons were a mix between good and evil, and as both companions and battle enemies these were definitely creatures not to be tested, used ultimate strength, fiery moves, and instilled faith and fear in it’s fans alike.

The 5 Dragons of Lodoss played major roles in each of their stores, battles, and adventurous endeavors through the multiple series found both on TV and in manga comics.

2. Tiamat: The Five-Headed Polychromatic Warrior from Dungeons & Dragons


Last but not least, we couldn’t leave out the arguably toughest, most powerful, breath weapon-wielding dragons of all cartoon and story history! Tiamat, a polychromatic dragon from the Dungeons and Dragons series possesses five various breathing weapons and is a noble competitor for fellow dragons and warriors alike from various and faraway lands.

This five-headed dragon by the name of Tiamat gained popularity both through the television series and written stories found in the Draconomicon. This dragon specialized in the ability to wage war and havoc, and often was depicted as being uncontrollable, and often without direction is its destructive ways throughout the series.

Tiamat is classified as a Great Wyrm Polychromatic Dragon – which contrary to most fans and follower knowledge actually goes against the principal rules of Delties and Demigods. A beast of strength, power, and destruction and definitely one for the history books of comics and television series.

1. The 3 Dragons From Game of Thrones


For all Game of Thrones and dragon fans the three most well known dragons are Daenerys Targaryen’s Dragons; Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion.


Drogon was named after Khal Drogo, a black dragon with red markings on it. Drogon is much larger and aggressive than his two siblings, and holds the status of being the mount of Daenerys Targaryen.

Drogon is one of several dragons born in the Dothraki Sea, similar to Viserion and Rhaegal. He has a very distinctive black to red coloring, and his wings and frills are combined of both of these colors. His wings however are black, and his eyes a bright orange-red. From seasons 1 to 5 he has grown tremendously, from being nearly the size of a small cat up to the size of comparably a small whale.


Rhaegal on the other hand was named after Rhaegar Targaryen, and is green with bronze markings on him. Lastly, Viserion, whom was named after Sierys Targaryen, is a creamy white color, with very distinctive gold markings.

Rhaegal is commanded by Daenerys Targaryen, and was named from her brother; Rhaegar Targaryen. With the majority of his scales being emerald green, he does also have several bronze scales under his neck and tail.

Rhaegal was originally taken with his brothers to Qarty and ultimately was stolen by Xaro Xhoan Daxos, along with his two “siblings” in Season 2.

Daenerys gains Rhaegal into her command and journey through seasons 3 and 4. In seasons five and six because Danerys reenters the dragon catacombs to attempt re-control of her dragons faces great resistance, and into season six it’s discovered that Rhaegal along with Viserion have not eaten since their mother abandoned them, ultimately leading to their release by Tyrion Lannister.


From season one into season two Viserion does not appear much, after originating from his egg next to his siblings. Into Season Three Viserion accompanies Daenerys on her journey along with his siblings. Similarly to his siblings, Season Five into Season Six Viserion is also released by Tyrion Lannister.

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