5 Best Japanese Horror Films


Japanese horror films are known worldwide for their spectacular scenes and story lines.  The Japanese horror industry has spread worldwide since the 80’s and are now even dubbed in many different languages.  If you haven’t seen a Japanese film before, here are 5 of the best Japanese horror films out there today.

5.  Marebito

This movie is about a man who lives his life recording through a camera.   His life changes one day when he records a man committing suicide by jabbing a knife through his eye into his skull.  This movie is jammed with twisted metaphors and out of the world action once the main character enters the dark underworld.

4. Ringu (The Ring)

The Ring
This is one of the movies that was such a big hit in Japan that it made it was remade for an American audience starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.  The movie is set in a modern day theme.  All throughout the movie you see a metaphoric ring appear again and again.  With all its twists and turns, it reveals in the end what the ring actually was.  A nail biter action/horror movie, all the way to the end.

3. A Tale of Two Sisters

This movie is extremely fast paced and is unlike any other movie created.  This movie is filled with fast paced scenes that keep you glued to the screen, because even a blink of an eye and you will miss an important part of this movie.  A must watch for any horror fan.

2.  Blind Beast

This movie is about a blind man who kidnaps a model and holds her against her will.  The blind man is aided by his mother, and the whole movie is filled with extremely horrific scenes that will keep you begging for more.  A must watch for gore/horror fans worldwide.

1. Kuroneko

This movie is based in the war times of feudal Japan.  The movie is in black and white and is based on vengeance.  A group of samurais rape and kill an old woman and her daughter, who come back from the dead to wreak havoc on the group of samurai’s.

The 5 best Japanese horror films are known worldwide for the amazing story, drama and hot Japanese girls in peril, and let’s not forget the GORE!  So if you like watching hot suspense, thrillers or just plain horror movies.  You have to check out these 5 films today, trust me, you won’t be sorry.

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